If you’re a Power BI agency wanting to boost your services or make your business smarter, think about using a Power BI white label platform. Our next blog post will explore how it can help you, like making your brand more visible and fitting right in with what you already use. Keep an eye out to see how going white label with Power BI can improve your business and help you stand out. Get ready to make better decisions with a white label Power BI platform.

Definition of a whitelabel Power BI platform

A White Label Power BI Platform refers to a customizable business intelligence solution that can be rebranded and resold under your own brand name. In essence, this versatile tool empowers businesses to harness the power of Power BI without the necessity of developing their own software, thereby offering a cost-effective and efficient solution.


Standardized Report Sharing Use Case

Scenario: As a Business Intelligence (BI) agency, you excel in crafting insightful and detailed reports across a spectrum of systems, such as CRM software like Salesforce, ERP systems like SAP, and web analytics tools like Google Analytics. Your primary aim is to empower your clients to make data-driven decisions, equipping them with these essential insights. Consequently, you may consider offering standardized dashboards for either one or several of these systems, potentially on a subscription basis, to generate recurring revenue.

Challenges Without a White-label Platform:

  • Complexity and Time: Clients often face significant hurdles in setting up Power BI environments, which includes configuring software, managing user access, and understanding the reports.
  • Cost: The process of deploying and maintaining BI solutions can be costly for clients, especially small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Risk of Intellectual Property Loss: There’s always a risk that clients might copy or redistribute your proprietary reports without authorization.

Solution: A White-label Power BI Platform like DataTako

  • Effortless Client Onboarding and Swift Report Distribution: Leveraging DataTako enables the swift onboarding of new clients and the distribution of reports, sidestepping the intricate setup processes associated with Power BI. This efficiency not only saves valuable time but also lowers the threshold for clients to utilize BI tools.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility through Consistency: Utilizing DataTako allows you to deliver these services under your brand umbrella, significantly boosting your market presence and solidifying your brand identity through each client engagement.
  • Tailored Access and Robust Control: Maintaining absolute control over your reports with DataTako, you determine the access level to specific data. This capability ensures the protection of your intellectual property while concurrently offering substantial value to your clientele.
  • Sustainable Revenue through Subscription Model: DataTako facilitates the adoption of a subscription model, whereby clients are charged a recurring fee for access to your reports. This approach not only secures a consistent stream of revenue but also enriches your service offerings without the apprehension of unauthorized report distribution or duplication.


  • Scalability: Effortlessly scale your offerings to meet growing client demands without needing to invest in additional infrastructure.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Clients appreciate the ease of use, quick access to important data, and the ability to make informed decisions faster.
  • Competitive Edge: Stand out in a crowded market by offering a unique, branded BI solution that adds tangible value to your clients’ operations.

Sharing reports with vendors, customers, suppliers and other external parties

Sharing Power BI reports with individuals outside your organization poses a challenge, primarily because Microsoft mandates that everyone must possess a specific account and adhere to its stringent regulations. Consequently, this stipulation implies that if someone lacks the appropriate type of email or does not belong to your company’s principal system, the process of sharing reports with them becomes significantly more complicated.

A white-label Power BI web portal lets you share reports easily, without the need for Microsoft accounts or licenses for everyone. It’s like making the portal look like it’s part of your own website, which means you can share it with anyone, using any email. This makes sharing much simpler and cheaper, without the usual Power BI sharing headaches.

A white-label Power BI web portal not only simplifies report sharing but also supports complex access configurations such as Role Level Security and custom parameters. Consequently, this allows you to control precisely what data each user can see, thereby making your reports both personalized and secure. Furthermore, it can automatically send out PDF versions of your reports, ensuring that everyone remains effortlessly informed. This feature adds a significant layer of convenience and customization, thereby making data sharing and security management considerably easier for businesses.

Additional Use Cases to Consider

  • Industry-Specific Reporting: Tailor your BI services for specific industries, such as healthcare, finance, or retail, providing bespoke analytics solutions that cater to the unique challenges and needs of these sectors.
  • Compliance and Security Reporting: Offer reports that help businesses comply with industry regulations and data security standards, leveraging the secure environment of a white-label platform.


There are various reasons why a whitelabel Power BI solution might be a great fit for your use-case. Interested in what a Power BI whitelabel tool like DataTako has to offer?