Share Power BI reports with anyone while saving 60% on licenses.

That's right. DataTako allows you to share Power BI reports with anyone in the world without the complex licensing structure of Microsoft.

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DataTako's portal has been a key factor in our ability to reduce costs, offering an intuitive platform for embedding Power BI reports that eliminates unnecessary expenditures on software licenses.

Paco Stoelman

Founder 3D On Demand
The ease of sharing Power BI reports through DataTako has not only improved our analytical processes but also reduced costs associated with data distribution and access across the organization.

Bart van den Berg

Power BI Consultant
"Thanks to DataTako, our organization benefits from simplified Power BI report sharing, enabling more effective collaboration and reducing the need for costly software solutions.

Ingrid Olsen

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Share reports & dashboards without hassle while saving 60% on licenses

Share your PowerBI reports with anyone, anywhere. Whether they're internal employees, external partners, or even non-Microsoft users, DataTako ensures that your data reaches the right people without the hassle of traditional PowerBI limitations.

  • Share Power BI reports with anyone in the world
  • No Power BI licenses needed for viewers
  • Good looking, easy to use web interface

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Dive into the dashboard to discover which reports are capturing attention, gauge user engagement levels, and pinpoint the reports that are yet to make their mark. Transform your insights into action today!

Save big on licenses

Save 50% to 70% on Power BI licenses. Only developers require a Power BI license. Viewers can view shared reports through DataTako without any additional Microsoft licenses.

User friendly access

Whether you have a Microsoft account or not, with DataTako anyone can be invited to to view your Power BI reports

Quick and easy setup

Easily categorize reports into groups. Configure per report settings and share with users in a matter of seconds.

Seamless integration

DataTako connects to your existing Power BI environment. Setup DataTako in 5 minutes.


Customize your analytics portal with DataTako's white-label solutions — customize colors, layout and use your own domain.

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, your data security and privacy are paramount to us. Datatako ensures that your data remains confidential and secure. When you share reports, they are embedded through the software, meaning we do not have access to the underlying data. Your sensitive information is safeguarded, allowing you to share insights confidently and securely.

No, a user can be added to unlimited reports. It's all included for € 6,95 per user.

Absolutely not. Data connects to your environment and is able to embed your existing Power BI reports and dashboards.

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