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Discover the new era of PowerBI report sharing with DataTako. Our innovative platform revolutionizes how you share, manage, and utilize your PowerBI reports, breaking down the barriers of traditional BI tools.

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Overcoming PowerBI Limitations

PowerBI, while powerful, comes with constraints that can hinder your business's agility and outreach. These include mandatory Microsoft accounts for all users, expensive licensing for viewers, and complicated external sharing processes. DataTako eliminates these obstacles, offering a more accessible and cost-effective solution.

  • Quick and Easy Setup. Unlimited reports.
  • Save selected filters, slicers and visual states as reusable bookmarks
  • Easy sharing with anyone inside or outside you organisation
  • DataTako connects to your existing PowerBI environment
  • Whitelabeling - use your own domain, style the portal as if it were your own
  • Report usage statistics - learn who is and isn't viewing your dashboards
  • Tailor the data visible to your viewers by utilizing customizable filters and parameters in DataTako.
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Effortless Sharing with DataTako

Share your PowerBI reports with anyone, anywhere. Whether they're internal employees, external partners, or even non-Microsoft users, DataTako ensures that your data reaches the right people without the hassle of traditional PowerBI limitations. This feature not only expands your report's reach but also enhances collaboration and decision-making across all levels.


Better report insights

Unlock the power of data with our integrated analytics! Dive into the dashboard to discover which reports are capturing attention, gauge user engagement levels, and pinpoint the reports that are yet to make their mark. Transform your insights into action today!


User-Friendly Access

Accessing DataTako is a breeze with SSO (Single Sign-On) using Microsoft accounts, complemented by robust 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for enhanced security. This ensures a secure yet straightforward login process for all users.


Quick and Easy Setup

DataTako is designed to integrate smoothly with your existing PowerBI setup. This means no overhaul of your current systems - just a simple, quick addition that exponentially increases your BI capabilities. Set up in just 5 minutes and watch as DataTako transforms your data sharing experience.

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Your Brand, Your Domain

Maximize your brand's impact with DataTako's white-label features. Customize to match your style, communicate with branded emails, and enhance trust by using your own domain. Simple changes, major benefits—elevate your customer's experience with a platform that feels exclusively yours.

Who Benefits the Most?

Target Audience

Any organisation looking for a better Power BI distribution platform

Whether you're a small-to-medium business watching your budget, a large corporation needing to share reports externally, or an organization seeking a user-friendly BI experience, DataTako is your go-to solution. We cater to a wide range of businesses and professionals, particularly those who value ease of use, cost efficiency, and enhanced functionality in their BI tools.

Agency Solutions with DataTako

Agencies managing multiple client environments will find DataTako particularly useful. Our platform not only allows for easy access and management of different client data under a single account, streamlining workflow and improving efficiency, but it also includes robust white-labeling features. With these features, you can use your own domain and customize the portal's appearance to match your customers brand, creating a seamless experience as if it were your own software solution.