You might want to share your Power BI reports with external stakeholders outside of your Azure organisation. Think of customers, clients, wholesalers, distributors.. How do you even do that?

You might be familiar with this message;

Power BI makes it notoriously difficult to share Power BI reports and dashboards with external users. By default you can only invite people from within your organization to view your Power BI reports.

This article describes various ways to achieve sharing with external people.

1. Invite users as guest in your Azure tenant

Navigate to the Azure portal ( and then to the ‘Microsoft Entra ID’ page, and invite an external user.

There is a small catch; each invited user will need either a Power Bi Pro or Premium Per user license, unless you’re using a premium capacity SKU.

After inviting the external users, you’ll be able to find them in the invite screen of your Power BI report.

2. Use the Power BI embed feature

Another way is to use the Power BI embed feature. Using it is quite easy. Open the report you want to share, press the file -> Embed report buttons and select a share option.

Unfortunately, the Sharepoint Online and website or portal option all require viewers to login to view your report, therefore all require a Power BI pro or PPU license.

The ‘publish to web (public)’ option makes your report anonymous accessible, which doesn’t require a license but you have no control on who is able to see the report. However, this is a great option of you for example want to make a report publicly available on your website.

3. Purchase a Microsoft Premium capacity

Microsoft allows sharing reports without the receipients needing Power BI licenses if you use a Power BI Premium Capacity SKU.

This is a great idea if you have hundreds or thousands of users.. as the pricing is quite steep:

Not really feasible if you don’t have hundred of users to share with.

4. Use a ready-made solution like DataTako

Another option is to use a ready-made software solution like DataTako. DataTako offers a fully customizable web portal in which you are able to share your Power BI reports with anyone in the world. You only need Power BI licenses for developers, not for viewers, meaning you’ll save about 60% on licensing costs.

DataTako connects to your Power BI environment and is very easy to set up. It solves the limitations of Power BI by allowing you to share reports with anyone in the world. Whether they have a Microsoft account or not.

DataTako is the layer between your report viewers and your reports, allowing you to have full control of report sharing. Share with anyone, whether they are inside or outside your organization. DataTako ensures that the responsibility for sharing reports does not lie with the Power BI developer, but with the person responsible for the report.

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